Lead Artist on Mindseye with Build A Rocket Boy.

• High level meetings with departments such as Animation/Rigging, VFX, Environment Art and Art Direction
• High level meetings and management of our Outsourcing Partners regarding both Props and Weapons for Mindseye.
• Brief preparation via Jira and time estimate management for our internal and external teams.
• Supporting production with Milestone planning and estimates.
• Documentation creation and maintenance.
• Supporting our internal and external artist’s with prop duties on Mindseye / providing support and feedback.
• Applicant reviews and interviews.
• 1-1 alignment calls with both internal/external teams.
• Engine integration, set dressing, blueprint creation and PLA, Level instancing actor integration in Unreal Engine 5.
• Optimization pipelines for content in Mindseye along with optimizing legacy content for performance.
• Supporting our VFX team with Chaos destruction and physics implementation on the content we create.
• Supporting Technical Art/Engineering on performance working closely to ensure all prop content is optimal for the project.

Under strict NDA.

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