James Brady is a an experienced artist, located in Ireland who's work has been featured in both Triple A and indie titles among Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms.

He has a strong background creating high quality art for games in Senior capacity, along with having a breadth of knowledge in vendor/outsourcing relationships, working inside of Unreal Engine 4 /5 and leading/mentoring teams.

James has also worked with many different tools from internal to external tools like 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Marmoset and Photoshop. Besides those tools, he has experience with many types of production tools such as Hansoft, Jira, slack, P4V, and others.

His portfolio is not always representative of current quality due to honouring NDA's.


Red Dead Redemption 2 - XBOX/PS4/PC
Dying Light 2 - XBOX/PS5/PC
Halo Infinite - XBOX / PC
Halo MCC - XBOX / PC
Judas - XBOX / PC / PS5
Killing Floor 3 - XBOX / PC / PS5
As Dusk Falls - XBOX / PC
Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed - XBOX/PS5/PC
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - PC/XBOX/PS4/PS5
Insurgency Sandstorm - PC/XBOX/PS4
IGI Origins - PC
'83 - PC
Rogue Company - XBOX/PS5/PC
Firewall: Zero Hour - PS4/PSVR
Hitman 2 - PC/XBOX/PC
Ready Or Not - PC
Dead Matter - PC
Black Mesa - PC
Postal 4 - PC
Pavlov VR - PC
Last Year: The Nightmare - PC
The Forest - PC/PS4
NotMyCar - PC


I have worked with James over several years and have experienced his dedication, his follow-through,
and his commitment to excellence during this time. James has shown exemplary communication skills, a
flexibility to pick up, learn and to improve upon new workflows, as well as maintain a level of
professionalism and decency that anyone would welcome in their workplace. James has been both admired and respected at my studio. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenges that he should face and the foresight to enlist support, research, or any necessary additional resources to achieve the goals set out in our briefs. In conclusion, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for James Brady. I have no doubt he will make a strong addition to your team.

Nik John - Co-Founder - ARES STUDIO
It has been an absolute privilege to collaborate with James on several internal projects. His exceptional expertise and mastery in workflow management are truly unparalleled. More than just contributing to our internal pipeline enhancements, James played a pivotal role in elevating our team's capabilities through comprehensive training and guidance. His leadership qualities and remarkable skill set make James a genuine asset to any organization

Andrew Kerschner - Art Director - TRIPWIRE INTERACTIVE
It's been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. I've enjoyed your Eagerness, Positivity, and Willingness to help where needed and helping us create an amazing looking Game.

Vuk Banovic - Lead Artist - NEW WORLD INTERACTIVE
Had a really great time working with James on "Insurgency Sandstorm". James is a great guy, always positive. He didn't need almost any supervision. His work was always up to specs and on time, he was instantly a great cultural fit and helped our production a lot. I'm looking forward to the day we work together again.

Stephen Ratter - Art Director - EYES OUT
Finding Freelancers you can trust is always a consideration when casting a net into the great-beyond of contract workers. Recently on our project we had some needs for completing hero props and not knowing anything more than my positive reaction from his artwork, I took the chance and got in touch with James. Immediately I got a sense that his commitment to the work in combination with his affable, easy going attitude would make this a fruitful decision.

In our initial discussion of reference materials and the special functions of the fictional prop involved, James absorbed all our needs, provided contributions and the work was executed in a timely and handsome manner. When we have more needs for high quality art with an attention to detail and polished legitimacy, I would love to once again have the pleasure of calling on James to lend his considerable talents.

Brian Comer - CEO - MONOCHROME
James required very little direction and turned out quality work in record time. He was very reliable and exceeded expectations by delivering what was asked as well as variations to choose from. He quickly gained the trust of our team and did not disappoint.

Matteo Marsala - Executive Producer - NMC - NOTMYCAR
James worked as a vehicle texture artist on notmycar for about 8 months – in that time, he proved to be a great asset to the team; he took direction and feedback very well, produced the requested work in a timely manner, and despite being in a different country/time zone, he was in regular communication with the team and made himself available for meetings and playtests as needed. I’d happily work with James again given the chance.


James Brady has been featured magazines such as 3D world, 3D Artist, Imagine FX and Develop. Alongside many podcast interviews such as Gamekedo, GamedevAdvice and Pixelfondue.

He has been invited as a guest to events such as Dublin Games Summit and European Games Week, alongside providing inspiration via a newspaper in Ireland and being interviewed at a local radio station.

James Brady's Interviews can be found on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Itunes.