Portfolio not always representative of current quality
due to NDA's.

Rates depending on project budget and requirements.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - PC/XBOX/PS4
Insurgency Sandstorm - PC/XBOX/PS4
Red Dead Redemption 2 - XBOX/PS4
Total War: Warhammer - PC
Firewall: Zero Hour - PS4
Hitman 2 - PC/XBOX/PS4
Sea Of Thieves - PC/XBOX
Last Year: The Nightmare - PC
System Shock 3 - PC
Ground Branch - PC
S.O.S - PC
The Forest - PC/PS4
Splitgate: Arena Warfare - PC
NotMyCar - PC
Killing Horizon - PC
Eden Star - PC
Identity - PC
PokerStars VR - PC
Rollercoaster Legends - PC/PS4
Grip - Caged Element - PC/XBOX/PS4/SWITCH


Gamkedo - Live podcast interview
Develop Magazine - August 2017 - Interview - Interview
Dublin Games Summit - Panel Guest
TN2 Magazine - Interview
The Indie Gamer Magazine - Interview
Pixelfondue - Live stream interview on youtube
ImagineFX Magazine 164 - Substance Painter Texturing Workshop
3D Artist Magazine 98 - Lighting For Games In Unreal Engine
3D Artist Magazine 107 - Quixel Suite Texturing For Games
3D Artist Magazine 109 - Unreal Engine 4 Pro Tips
3D Art And Design Annual Vol 2 - Lighting For Games In Unreal Engine
3D Art And Design Annual Vol 3 - Quixel Suite Texturing For Games
80Lvl Website Feature - Getting Into The Games Industry Interview
80lvl Website Feature - Creating Silent Hill Unreal Engine 4 Tribute Scene

Client Feedback:
New World Interactive - Insurgency Sandstorm - Lead Artist
Had a really great time working with James on "Insurgency Sandstorm".
James is a great guy, always positive.
He didn't need almost any supervision. His work was always up to specs and on time, he was instantly a great cultural fit and helped our production a lot.
I'm looking forward to the day we work together again.